Expert Heating Repair Contractor

Heating Repair Service IL always seems to arise when you need your heating system the most. Anthony Cooling and Heating. is happy to assist you with any heating repair service you may need. Nothing is worse than paying for a service and receiving sub-par work. By taking part in an independent Customer Satisfaction program, we continue to find new ways to improve every aspect of your customer service and maintain a complaint-free, 100% approval rating.

High quality central heating repair comes with many benefits. In addition to fixing the problem that is causing your heating system to malfunction, we can also perform normal maintenance and cleaning. In fact, most furnace issues are due to a lack of maintenance and can be solved through comprehensive and cost-effective cleaning. A dirty and ill-maintained system will cost you much more on your monthly heating bills than a well-maintained system. That means you’re paying more every month for inadequate heat. With our central heating repair, you can enjoy higher energy efficiency and preventative care that will save you money for years to come!

Our Services

  • Electronic Heating Repair
  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Installation
  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Boiler Repair

Emergency Heating Repair

We know that your time is valuable; because of this, our experienced technicians make sure we never keep you waiting. One of our most trusted services is our 24-hour emergency heating repair, with no overtime charges. Our stocked trucks and team of trained professionals work tirelessly to ensure any issue you are experiencing – no matter the time of day or weather outside – is fixed in as little time as possible.

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